How to use the Waifu Cutout tool to obtain the anime character cutouts?

(1) After entering the cutout interface, you will see pictures uploaded by other users and cutouts marked by others.
(2) Press the [M] key on the keyboard repeatedly to check whether the currently marked character area is correct. If you encounter a picture without any character (only background), please press the [X] key. If the quality of the picture is not high (the characters are too small, incomplete or the borders are not clear), please press the [C] key to delete all the color markers (equivalent to deleting this picture).
(3) If you find that the marked area is incorrect, you can use the scroll wheel on the mouse to zoom in or move the picture, and then hold down the [right mouse button] to erase the wrong area. Then, use the [J] key or number keys on the keyboard to switch the brush color, and marked the area that has just been wiped out with a new color.
Note that different human bodies (or different sides of the same character) on the picture should be makred with different colors (the color can be modified in the list on the left), and the background (all non-human objects) should be painted with a special background color using [B] key.
(4) If the erased area is large, you can simply mark a few dots with different colors and then press [F] or [Space] to fill in the erased area automatically. Areas that have not been wiped are not affected.
Tips: First zoomed-out to mark the characters roughly, then enlarge the image. Erase the edges of the characters with an eraser, let the computer automatically fill in the edges.
(5) Repeatedly press the [M] key on the keyboard to check. If you are happy with the results, click "Export", or press the keyboard [->] key to scroll to the next one.